If swimming in the private pond gets boring, there are several places around for swimming, water sports or fishing. For example pond Šebor, Jordán, Strašík, Knížecí rybník, flooded quarry Miličín and Štětkovice, Swimming pool in Tábor, Mladá Vožice, Pohoda, Za Řekou or biotop Votice…

If you choose to go for a walk or take a bike with the right direction (to Střezimíř), you can find several small and romantic ponds hidden in the forest..

Mushroom picking

Right next to the garden starts the forest. if it is a decent season, you will forbid the children to come out of the forest bringing more and more mushrooms. Equipment for drying mushrooms is available, as well as a large pot for jamming.

Cycling paradise

You can get on the bike just behind the log cabin and follow the 1059a cycle path. Roubenka Kamennka stands directly in the cycling paradise. The local cycle paths are part of the Borotín micro-region "Čertovo břemeno" and are connected to the international long-distance cycle route No. 11 Greenways Prague - Vienna.

Horse riding

The closest ride club is the EQUITACION club - Pejšova Lhota (2 km). Farm / Y, which offers horseback riding in nature and with the possibility of using a carriage, is located in the village of Cunkov (7 km). Horse stable u Mladé Vožice offers ride and lessons of horse riding (18km).


Downhill skiing is possible in Ski-center Monínec (9km), otherwise you can enjoy cross-country skiing on the tracks in the surrounding area. Ski lift Hůrka u Jistebnice is ideal place for your kids to learn how to ski.

Golf club Čertovo břemeno

Lovers of Golf can enjoy the play in Alenina Lhota (8km)


Tennis courts available in Sudoměřice (7km)

Gastro turism

Recommendation for Gastro tourism:

Pub in Kamenná Lhota
Open every Friday (in summer season also on Wednesday). Drinks only! in a kind atmosphere inside or outside on the terrace.

Café and patisserie near the church in Borotín
Walk or trip deserves a nice end with great coffee and delicious desserts. People from a wide area come here for ”wreaths” with special fillings and ”canapes”.

Grocery and restaurants in Borotín

Restaurant in Golf resort Čertovo břemeno
offers Czech and international cuisine with focus on careful selection of raw ingredients and the support of surrounding farmers. Try the menu prepared by top chefs, for example during regular gourmet weekends.

Pub U Škrpálu on Sedlec-Prčice square
with traditional czech cuisine (and Pizza).

Cafe Bar Havana in historical centre of Tábor
Get whatever you want, you cannot miss! Great food supported by great service. TOP choice if you are in Tábor

Wine bar and bistro Thir
has a unique concept. If you choose to enjoy carp specialities with neutral biodynamic wine, this is definitely the choice.

Tourist destinations

Borotín and surroundings

In 2018, Borotín won the Green Ribbon award in the national competition Village of the Year for its approach to the environment and ecology.

The fairy tale as Honza almost became a king, was filmed on the Borotín Castle

Borotín goat farm

Deer farm in Starý Kostelec (4 km)

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary – cultural monument and the oldest church in the Tábor region, Starý Kostelec (4 km)

Historical city of Tábor (16km)

offers a number of attractions and a rich selection of activities. Hussite Museum with Tábor Underground, Lego and Chocolate Museum, Scary underground and Skřítkov, Housův Mlýn Open-Air Museum, Observatory, Lookout Tower of the Dean’s Church on Žižkov Square with the Museum of Numismatics, Escape Games “Behind the Eye of Jan Žižka” and “Hussite Chalice”, Pintovka Forest Park with nature trail, Jump Park, geological exposition Pod Klokoty, lookout towers Babina and Hýlačka, theater Oskara Nedbala, ZOO Tábor …

Take a look at Tábor city calendar to have the latest overview


More of interesting places

  • Veterans Museum, Chotoviny (8 km)
  • Monínec Adrenaline Park (9 km)
  • ZOO Větrovy u Tábora (16 km)
  • Kozí hrádek – national monument and ruins, Sezimovo Ústí (18 km)
  • Puppet Museum, Mladá Vožice (18 km)
  • Chýnov Cave, Chýnov (25 km)
  • Slapy Rope Park (30 km)
  • Bechyně – chateau, monastery, unique bridge (29 km)
  • Castle, Orlík reservoir, Konopiště (30 km)
  • Ruins of castles Příběnice, Kozí Hrádek, Dobronice, Choustník…

As you can see, it is not a problem to spend beautiful (lazily or actively) time in cabin Kamennka during whole year

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